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The growing threat to the public’s safety is the number one reason I have decided to run for city council. I’ve always had one eye open when it comes to politics and the “goings on” in the city in which I live. However, as a wife and stay at home mother for many years, one eye was about all I could manage and as long as things weren’t too out of hand, I was satisfied enough to stay out of the political realm. A few years ago, I began to notice a shift in our city in the form of a growing transient population. It was no longer safe for me to run at 5:30am on Bridge Road where I live. My sister was attacked on a downtown street in broad daylight by a psychotic homeless man. My grandson now attends preschool in downtown Charleston, and has witnessed things that no 4-year-old should have to. My daughter is a resident on the East End. I can no longer watch with one eye and hope for the best. I have to be part of the solution, which is why I am running for council. 


The “defund the police” movement has had a devastating effect on our first responders.This misguided movement has resulted in fewer candidate applications over the last several years. We currently have 23 vacancies in the Charleston Police Department. Last year there were only 4 applicants. Compare that with the 800+ applicants 20 years ago. Our first responders are overworked and underpaid, and morale is low. We have a duty to our first responders to restore their confidence in city government by supporting them in their oaths to protect and serve. We need to incentivize young people to take up these noble careers by increasing the starting salary, and by building them a state of the art, stand-alone police department they can be proud of and that’s worthy of the job they do. Having a safe, clean and family friendly city depends on the strength and effectiveness of our police (Charleston’s finest), and fire (Charleston’s bravest). My primary mission is to restore the confidence and morale of Charleston’s finest and Charleston’s bravest.


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